Privacy is Important

Your privacy is very important to me, Nick Vance, and everyone else involved in ToWatchList.

Info We Collect

In general, we collect and store as little information as possible beyond the data that makes this site work. We don't want to know anything about your browsing habits or other potentially invasive stuff. Here is a list of the information that is collected and stored by this site:

  • Username - Probably just your email address. The only time we'll email at this address is in response to an action you take (such as a password reset request).
  • Password - Set when creating your account, your password is dynamically salted and hashed when stored on the ToWatchList database.
  • Video Info - The meat of the stored information. It includes identifier and metadata for any video you see in your account. Metadata includes the title, comments, a link to a thumbnail, and the URL you added it from.

We also use cookies to facilitate logging in to the site automatically. There is no tracking data associated with these cookies.

Other Services

We maintain a very infrequently used email announcement list on MailChimp where users must opt-in to subscribe.


We use do not collect or maintain information on any users we know to be under 13. Our website is not structured to attract anyone under 13.

Changing & Deleting Information

You may correct information or delete your account using the Settings section of the site when logged in. Deleted information is purged from our servers, however normal backups and logs may contain some personal information until they cycle out.

Changes To These Policies

We reserve the right to make changes to these policies at any time. Please check this page occasionally. Your continued use of ToWatchList indicates your acceptance of these terms and any future changes.

Don't Be A Jerk

I'm just a guy trying to make something useful and cool. Thanks.